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Down Etc Is Supporting Women's Cancer Research

At Down Etc, we believe in supporting causes essential to our community, and this includes women’s cancer research. Globe-athon is a worldwide community of researchers and medical professionals committed to educating women and their support systems on gynecological cancers. These women are more than a statistic and we’re honored to partner with Globe-athon to help increase awareness and the search for a cure. Down Etc has developed the Opal Wash Face Cloth in Globe-athon purple to help you to remove your makeup gently and completely with or without your personal cleanser.
This ultra soft poly-blend facecloth will delicately clean away the day’s grime and erase the toughest makeup, leaving your skin refreshed. Each time you purchase a set of Globe-athon Opal Wash Face Cloths, Down Etc will donate a percentage of the proceeds directly to Globe-athon to aid in its mission. We encourage you to buy one set of Globe-athon Opal Wash Face Cloths for yourself and one set for a female friend or relative. In this way, you can extend awareness of Globe-athon’s mission to your friends and relatives with the gift of this luxurious face cloth. Join Down Etc and Globe-athon in the fight to end women’s gynecological cancers!