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The Pillow Butler

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It’s More than Just the Pillow, It’s the Presentation

Down Etc celebrates the “art of the bed” by creating products and programs designed to provide your guests with the foundation for a Great Night’s Sleep. Our unique approach is exemplified by our Pillow Butler® Program, which includes Down Etc’s luxurious collection of pillows, a customized Pillow Menu, and a first-rate Pillow Menu Delivery & Storage System.


The Pleasure of Pillow Education

Is All Ours To provide a Great Night’s Sleep, a pillow must meet the particular needs of the sleeper. Identifying these needs and answering them with the perfect pillow is a task at which the team at Down Etc excels. Our team will work with you from the creation of a Pillow Menu through the education of your staff in the ways to assist your guests in their pillow selection.


The One-of-a-Kind Pillow Menu

Down Etc manufactures a wide array of pillows in different shapes and sizes utilizing a variety of fills and fabrics. We will use our expertise to assist you in selecting those pillows your guests are most likely to desire. Our team will educate your staff in the benefits of each pillow in order to create a Pillow Menu designed specifically for your hotel.


Making the Perfect Pillow Match

With your Pillow Menu in hand, your staff is ready to assess your guests’ pillow needs and to make the perfect pillow match. In Pillow Butler 101, Down Etc’s Pillow Menu Training, your staff will learn the seven questions to ask each guest ranging from your guests’ sleeping positions to preferences for down or down alternatives. Your staff will use the answers to these questions to determine whether your guests would prefer a king-sized white goose down pillow, a standard Aquaplush down alternative pillow, or something in-between.


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The Pillow Menu Delivery & Storage System allows for a professional pillow presentation while providing convenient and hygienic pillow storage and transport to your guests’ rooms.

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