Artist Series: Didier Laget

Down Etc is excited to introduce another segment of The Artist Series! A new blog series in which we honor those artists who have helped make Down Etc great! We make it a point to work closely with various artists all over the world to create well designed products and to give you a beautiful sleep experience. Our first featured artist is Didier Laget, a photographer and filmmaker who created our adorable Where Do You Pillow? video.

Who are you and what do you do? 
My name is Didier Laget.  
I'm an artist and an author. I work mainly with sound, photos and video. I have published youth and Children books in Germany (co-written with Beate Dölling) and some web design books in France.

What work do you most enjoying doing? 
Whatever I do, what I like the most is the process, which brings concepts to life. From the first idea to finalization, the gathering of elements, the changes. It's the “making” that I enjoy.

Tell us about your project(s) with Down Etc? 

I have so far worked on 2 projects for Down Etc.  The first project was a series of Photographs for their Bouquets in Bed catalog.  This idea of flowers, pillows and bedding evoked the crispness of fresh bed sheets before going to bed after a warm summer day in a place by the seaside, so as I was working with natural light, I waited for the time of the day when this light is more horizontal, which also allowed the textures of the sheets to come out better and reveal the colors of the flowers. I didn't have much time, but was lucky enough to find a florist who could prepare many bouquets on short notice and have perfect sunny days in fog city :-)

In addition, I created the Where Do You Pillow? video for Down Etc. Beate Dölling was the Assistant Director and we both acted. We wanted to show a couple having a busy day and in fact really meeting in the evening, when they go to bed, and we wanted it to be cute. We went to the Presidio and filmed in stop motion, which took a long time, the light was always changing with the many clouds crossing the sky that day, and we also had to change clothes quiet a few times which in public was kind of funny. The music was written and recorded the next day, with little means  (I had no keyboards, so had to write everything), the video was cut that same night. It was fun to do!

What was your favorite thing about creating for Down Etc? 
I enjoyed the freedom of creativity Down Etc gave me while working on the project.

Why art? 
Here comes my very deep statement: life is only worth living with love and art. 

What superpower would you have and why? 
All the super heroes I have met led a very unhappy life, because when you have a superpower you are expected to save humanity from tyrants, aliens or multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporations, dressed with tight lycra uniforms adorned with neo-Nazi looking logos. It means not much privacy, no time for yourself and the permanent need to lie to your girlfriend, who should not know what you are doing. Not the best way to build a relationship. So my superpower would only be known to me and only affect me, it would be the ability not to sleep. 

What is your dream project? 
A house, where I'd be able to welcome authors, artists, cooks, people who do things, so that they could stay away the buzz of life, meet together and exchange, concentrate, work on projects. Even better if this house could be in northern Spain!

You can view Didier's website here.


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