Artist Series: Jakob Steinfurth

Down Etc is excited to introduce The Artist Series! A new blog series in which we honor those artists who have helped make Down Etc great! We make it a point to work closely with various artists all over the world to create well designed products and to give you a beautiful sleep experience. Our first featured artist is our very own Jakob Steinfurth, a videographer who created our Cruise on Down video, demonstrating the useful ways you may wish to use our popular Travel Pillow

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jakob Steinfurth and I'm a videographer based out of San Francisco, CA.

What work do you most enjoying doing? I really enjoy telling stories about people and their passions through the eye of a camera.

Tell us about your project with Down Etc? I thought the travel pillow was a cool thought. When you're out skating around the city you are bound to get tired eventually. It's useful to have something lightweight that you can sling over your shoulder. and it really is comfortable.

What was your favorite thing about creating for Down Etc? I enjoyed the creative freedom that Down Etc gave me while working on the project.

Why art? I think you can spin most things into art. It all depends on the image or sound that you're hearing or seeing and how that makes you feel. I suppose it's everything.

What superpower would you have and why? Maybe a mix between Reed Richards and The Flash so I could set up intricate time-lapse sequences incredibly fast. 

What is your dream project? Nature videographer. 

You can follow Jakob on Instagram and keep up to date with his artistic endeavors or to contact him for any projects!


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