Choosing the Perfect Pillow


The start of a new year is the time to turn the calendar as well as turn over old habits and exchange them for new resolutions - including improving your sleep. Getting a better night's sleep allows you to live a more balanced, productive, and fulfilled life. 

As you turn the calendar, inspect your bedding and determine if it's time to turn the page on your existing sheetspillowscomforters, and towels.


Perfect Pillow

Sleep Positions

Different sleep positions have unique needs and should turn to a different pillow candidate to help them get a great night’s sleep.

Side Sleepers - Sleeping on your side is good for health and wellness as it allows for support of the natural curve of the spine. Side sleepers should look for a firm pillow that supports the head, neck, and shoulders, preventing nerve and muscle cramps from occurring overnight and over the course of time. Good choices for side sleepers include the Air Duci Surround PillowDiamond Support Pillow, or AquaPlush Firm Pillow. Another type of pillow side sleepers should consider is a pillow they can grab or wrap their body around while sleeping, such as the Essential Body Pillow or Maternity Love Pillow.

Stomach Snoozers - People that sleep on their stomach need a pillow that can offer support while keeping a flatter, lower profile, which helps keep the spine, neck, and head aligned in a natural curve. If a pillow is too high, it can cause a stomach sleeper’s neck and spine to have to adjust to a larger curvature and could cause pain in the neck and lower back. Good choices for stomach sleepers include our All White Goose Down Pillow50/50 White Goose Down and Feather PillowOrganic 50/50 White Goose Down and Feather Pillow, and AquaPlush Soft Pillow

Back Shuteye - Those who prefer to count sheep on their back should look for a pillow that offers support and helps maintain proper alignment when in the prone position. If this sounds like you, then good pillow candidates include the 25/75 White Goose Down and Feather PillowOrganic Wrap Bed Pillow, or the Rhapsody Wrap Bed Pillow.

Pillow Firmness  

For sleepers looking for a soft pillow, we recommend the Aquaplush Soft Pillow or the luxurious White Goose Down Pillow. Much like sleeping on a cloud, this soft goose down pillow will help you have some of the best sleep of your life. 

Sleepers looking for a firm feel can turn to the Air Duci Surround Pillow. It is a great alterative to a traditional foam pillow, but lighter and airy due to air holes that run throughout. Another alternative for sleepers with a firm preference is the Aquaplush FIRM Polyester Pillow. Filled with 100% combed polyester fiber, this pillow has a great plush feel with the firmness to provide support.

If you prefer a medium firmness, the Rhapsody Wrap Bed Pillow features a soft, plush outside with a firm inner core, providing the best of both worlds. Chances are good that you have slept on this pillow while traveling and staying at some of the best hotels around the world. Other medium firmness options include the 25/75 White Goose Down and Feather Pillow or the Organic Wrap Bed Pillow

Pillow Fill 

One of our favorite down+feather pillows is the San-Down Wrap Pillow, which combines 50% white goose down and 50% white goose feather. Other options include the hotel favorite, Rhapsody Wrap Bed Pillow

If you are looking for a pillow with only down fill, we recommend one of our client’s favorite luxury pillows, the White Goose Down. This super soft, hypoallergenic pillow is like sleeping on a cloud.

For sleepers looking for all the luxuriousness of a down pillow, with an alternative fill, we recommend the Hypoallergenic Fairfax Polyester Bed Pillow or the hotel favorite Aquaplush Combed Polyester Hypoallergenic Pillow (also available in a firm option).