Glamping Gear - Bedding for Glamping

Get a Great Night's Sleep in the Great Outdoors 

What do you get when you marry an eco-green outdoor enthusiast with a Ritz Carlton Friday martini lover?  Glamping!

Glamping is a fusion of glamour and camping that has long been a hot option in Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. It has arrived on American shores.

Cultivated by a combination of independent properties and global hospitality brands, glamping has become the hip and hot thing to do among jet-setting travelers seeking to combine the positive aspects of the great outdoors with luxury and comfort.


Glamping Locations

Great glamping sites include: Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Longitude 131, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Four Rivers Floating Lodge, Dunton Hot Springs, and The Resort at Paws Up. 



The Resort at Paws Up is a ranch resort located about 35 miles northeast of Missoula, Montana, in the little resort town of Greenough. The setting is outdoor luxury at its finest with eco-green air to breathe and fabulous mountain ranges to serve as its back-drop. 

The tent “suites” come complete with ensuite baths and jetted tubs, luxurious beds and bed linens, plush leather armchairs, and Native American artwork. 

Glamping Gear - The Resort at Paws Up


Glamping in Your Own Backyard 

This summer, the glamping trend is being boosted to another level by baby boomer empty-nesters bringing the eco-green luxury right to their own backyards!

Large tents complete with lanterns, mason jars, fresh cut flowers, citronella candles, solar-powered outdoor string lights, table cloths, and real china are being outfitted with actual beds and mattresses to create backyard glamps! 

On Pinterest, there’s even a page of nothing but pictures and helpful guidance on how to create your own backyard glamping resort.

Redbook Magazine posts an online article listing seven things to make backyard glamping fashionable and fun. 

Redbook offers a fabulous evening delight that takes the old version of s’mores to a new level.  Their gourmet version replaces the graham crackers with shortbread cookies, the standard marshmallows with cardamom or maple marshmallows, and the milk chocolate with dark hazelnut organic chocolate. 

Redbook also showcases the use of nice blankets and throws to enhance nighttime sleep.

Glamping Gear to Get a Great Night's Sleep 

Here at Down Etc., we have some wonderful options from which to select, including the Microfleece Blanket that comes in a warming shade of orange, the Atlantic Ocean Chinelle Blanket in a perfect summer blend of 76% rayon/24% cotton, and the Arabian Sea Basketweave Jacquard Blanket that is made of 100% cotton. 

Those blankets combined with Down Etc.’s White Goose Down pillows and a pair of Pillow Fort pillowcases will bring the finest luxury to any backyard Glampout.

CNN and CNBC are publishing the best news yet, that glamping is ideal for baby boomers who crave a chance to return to the “great outdoors” of their youth, but with the style, charm, and comfort of the top hotels and resorts.

With summer just now kicking off, we encourage all of our customers, friends, and family to embrace the charm of those evenings around the campfire in the comfort and luxury of Down Etc. for a Great Night’s Sleep!