Housekeepers in Hotels

Housekeepers can make the difference between an average stay and one that results in a great night’s sleep™. Although housekeepers try to remain out of sight as they perform their duties, their presence can be felt in everything from the cleanliness of the bathroom to the positioning of the pillows on the bed.


The Face of the Hotel

Like a waiter in a restaurant, the housekeeper is often the face of the hotel and the person with whom guests have the most contact during their stays. They work hard to satisfy guests’ needs and to do so with a smile. However, travelers are often unsure whether it is appropriate to tip housekeepers and in what amount. Experts recommend the amount be determined by the experience, including: the length of stay, the degree to which the room is used, and overall satisfaction. Guests might consider beginning with a couple of dollars left daily as room assignments vary and different people may clean the room each day.

Guests should be sure to leave a note with the tip so the housekeepers know the money is meant for them. Housekeepers work hard, and often alone, so tipping is appreciated.