How to Become a Relaxation Expert

Become a Relaxation Expert

Americans have witnessed a recent rise in interest in the art of self-care. And it’s a good thing, too. New scientific
studies show that the stress of our busy lives is ? damaging the structure and function of our brain? . Learning how
to unwind is no longer simply a luxury of time but a crucial tool in building a healthy and happy life.
At down etc, we believe in the art of sleeping. We improve lives by improving the quality of the at-home
sleeping environment. Ensuring a good night’s sleep is a great way to de-stress. But how can we bring relaxation
into our daily routine? Here are some top tips to help you lessen the stress and find your inner relaxation expert:
1. Drink Green
If you’re like most of us, you rely on that daily cup of joe to get you through the morning. The caffeine
in coffee may help you stay energized, but studies show that it will increase your agitation and feelings
of stress. Try switching to Green Tea instead, a great source of the chemical L-Theanine which will
naturally soothe and relieve your stress.
2. Count Your Breaths
Not all of us have the time to step away from our desks and commit to deep meditation during the day.
Experts say small doses of conscious breathing can have the same effect. Every couple of hours, close
your eyes and take a long, deep breath. Count up to ten seconds for each inhale and exhale. Repeat five
times, extending the inhale and exhale with each breath, and soon you’ll be feeling a new, refreshing
3. Get Outside
If you spend the majority of your day indoors, getting outside for a quick ten to fifteen minutes can
make all the difference. Moving your body as you go on a coffee or walking break will renew your entire
body and mind.
4. Laugh Out Loud
Doctors say that laughing doesn’t just loosen your nerves but chemically alters your mood. A good
laugh will raise your endorphins and greatly lower your stress. So listen to your favorite comedian’s
podcast on your way to work, or share funny stories with your coworkers and loved ones. Your body
will thank you.
5. Let the Light In
Even on a winter’s day, finding a spot by the window can have an impressive impact on your mental
health. Natural light will lift your spirits and even provide some much needed vitamins for your body.