Why Summer Weight Down Comforters Are a Must for Healthy Sleep

Summer Comforter

Healthy sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and we’re fanatic about helping you achieve it. Our bodies sleep best in a cooler environment, which means finding ways to improve your sleep in the summer can be a challenge.

Healthy sleep is still possible, though. High-quality cotton sheeting and summer weight down comforters and pillows offera more breathable solutionto traditional bedding, which can help you sleep comfortably.

Summer Weight Down Comforters Support Healthy Sleep

Another key element of a healthy bed is organic bedding. Certified organic cotton bedding includes safe and environmentally friendly sheets, pillows, and comforters that are ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Authentic white goose down is also hypoallergenic, helping you breathe well throughout the night.

We love the combination of cotton and down and believe it’s just what your bed needs for lightweight bedding you’ll enjoy all summer. Down is light and fluffy without feeling heavy, making it a top choice for comforters and pillows.

Summer Weight Down Comforters Are Breathable

Summer weight down comforters are a lighter option than traditional comforters, offering slight warmth without a stifling feeling. This is ideal for those who enjoy sleeping with the air conditioning turned low and with more than a sheet.

They are often created with cotton or linen, both top fabrics for supporting healthy sleep in the heat due to their natural fibers and percale weave. A percale weave is a closely woven fabric with a smooth finished result that washes well. Because it’s easy to maintain, it's an ideal choice for bedding. Percale weave is known for offering a crisp, cool feel that is perfect for summer weather.

We chose cotton for our summer weight down comforters for the ease of cleaning and beautiful finish and feel. Cotton is derived from cotton plants, while linen is woven from flax, and percale weave is known for offering a crisp, cool feel perfect for summer weather. 

How to Choose the Right Summer Bedding for You

In order to choose the best summer bedding for you, begin by considering your needs. Down is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal solution for those who experience allergies. Organic cotton is a smart choice for those with sensitive skin, as there are no harsh chemicals. Once you know your needs, you can better choose the bedding that will help you sleep well and wake refreshed.

Choosing an Organic Summer Weight Down Comforter

When you buy organic bedding, you can sleep easy knowing you’re resting on high-quality cotton that has not been exposed to pesticides and insecticides. It’s not enough to eat organic foods and not worry about the fabric we expose our skin to. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin, because conventionally grown cotton can cause skin allergies and irritation.

To be Certified Organic, cotton producers and manufacturers must go through a rigorous certification process.

This includes growing, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing. Each step needs to be accomplished without chemicals, which requires more time, knowledge, and skill. In return, organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint and can be a safe option for everyone. In fact, conventionally grown cotton uses nearly 25 percent of the world’s insecticides and over 10 percent of the pesticides.

Summer Comforter

Our King-sized organic down comforter is filled with the beautifully light hypoallergenic CentroClean white goose down. The 235-thread count, 100% down-proof and 1¼ inch baffle box construction ensures it will last for many seasons and offer the comfort you crave every night.

High-Quality Summer Weight Down Comforters

When looking to add a summer weight down comforter to your linens, it’s essential to invest in the right one. When you purchase a comforter designed for quality and lifetime of use, you’ll find a down comforter you’ll love for many years.

Our Essential Collection offers our best quality at the best price. Our White Goose Down Summer Weight Comforter is a part of the Essential Collection, and we know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Summer Comforter

This comforter is available for both Queen and King beds, and features 235 thread count, 100% down-proof, and 1¼ inch baffle box construction for a lightweight comforter you can use all summer long.

Healthy sleep in the summer doesn’t need to be complicated. By focusing on your bedding, you can create an environment that will help you sleep soundly. Summer weight down comforters offer a similar weight to traditional down comforters without the stifling feeling, ensuring you’ll wake up rested and ready to take on the day. For our organic and high-quality summer weight down comforters, visit our Summer Catalog.