Why Use Pillow Protectors?


Once you’ve invested the time and money in selecting and purchasing the perfect pillows, protect your investment with pillow encasements.   As the name suggests, they encase your pillows to protect them from contaminants, including sweat and spills. 

Keep Stuff Out
As you may have guessed, protective covers are mainly designed to keep stuff out. The oils from your body, the products you use on your hair, and dead skin cells can all find their way onto your pillows, leaving behind residue, stains, and other detritus you'd rather not think about. Some of us also drool in our sleep. Plus, there are plenty of environmental elements like dust, mites, pet hair, and other allergens that find their way onto your pillows. Pillow encasements will protect your pillows and reduce the frequency of machine washing.  We recommend encasements with zipper enclosures, preferably hidden zipper enclosures so the protection is invisible. It is much easier to strip off the pillow encasement and throw it into your washing machine than it is to wash your pillows.  You will increase the longevity and maintain the hygiene of your pillows.

Keep Stuff In
Although keeping allergens, pollutants, and other particulates away from your pillows is probably your top priority, you might be interested to know that encasements can also keep important things in. Down pillows can lose some of their stuffing when you squeeze them, squish them, thrash around, and generally beat them up all night long. Even well-made products can suffer from long-term use. With protectors to cover your pillows, there's a much better chance of avoiding the damage to seams that can exacerbate leakage and ensuring that down fill stays right where it belongs - inside your pillows.

Different Materials
Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to textiles. While most pillows are cotton, you'll find that protectors come in a variety of textiles, allowing you a wider range of options when it comes to the fabrics touching your skin while you sleep . Naturally, you'll find products made from 100% cotton, as this tends to be the most popular option for bedding; however, if cotton isn't necessarily your first choice, you may like ultra-soft bamboo instead. You may also discover, once you try it, that organic cotton pleases you more than the traditional products found in stores. Whatever your preference, you should be able to find pillow protectors that fit the bill.


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