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Quality Goose Down, Organic Pillows, Bedding, and Bath Accessories

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Latest Blog

  • How to Choose Your Down Comforter


    You say comforter, I say duvet. What’s the difference? At Down Etc, the comforter and duvet are one in the same. Both refer to the down or feather blanket that is placed in a removable cover as the top layer of bedding.

  • How to Make Your Bed Cozier


    If you fail to properly appoint your bed, it might not be as conducive to a great night’s sleep as it could be. You want it to be inviting and cozy so that you can relax and forget the worries and stresses of the day. Here are just a few considerations for creating a cozy bed setup.

  • Artist Series: Didier Laget


    Artist Series: Didier Laget